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Postpone the transfer of the Tsukiji Market / assessment 1


New Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike decided to postpone the transfer of the Tsukiji Wholesale Market to its new location in Toyosu last 31st Aug. There is evidence that the soil in Toyosu is poluted. However, if the move is delayed the construction of road line No.2 might also be postponed. Both might adversely affect the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020.

Before Revise
Yuriko Koike of the Governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government decided the postpone transfer of the Central Wholesale Market Tukiji Market on 31th Aug. This problem occurred Toyosu’s soil is polluted. Toyosu is new Market place. If the replacement is stopped, the new road line No.2 making is also delay. Therefore, It affect the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

This is an assessment the course of “English for Journarism” by University of Pennsylvania.

Assessment 1: Create a lead for your story.
Detailed instructions:
Review the structure and content discussed in Videos 1, 2, 3, and 4. You are writing a story about a current event happening near you. In this assessment, you are going to write a summary lead for that story.
Here are the dos and don’ts for writing a summary news lead:
1. Give wh information
2. Be specific
3. Be brief
4. Don’t use descriptive words
5. Don’t repeat information
Remember, you aren’t writing your entire article, just the summary news lead.

Sample Lead

Bill Wallace of the City Department of Education announced Thursday afternoon that the city will host a new internship program. In this program, high school students can earn high school credit while interning at City Hall. Interns will work with a city council member and will get to see our government at work. Participants will go through a two-step application process for this special opportunity. The program is scheduled to begin next fall.