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Yesterday was the 59th time.


We held a book club meeting last night. I have organized the book club meetings once a month since August 2011.
Yesterday was the 59th time. It depends on the book, the maximum number of people who can attend is 16. Most of the time regular members attend the meetings. However last night there was a new applicant.

At first, there were just 3 people in the club, myself included. But as it turned out, 9 people attended. Last night was one member’s daughter’s birthday. He thought he couldn’t attend the book club last night. However his wife allowed him to attend. He came in late but he still went.

This month’s book is ” Decisive”. Its very useful and I’m very impressed. It was written by the brothers Chip and Dan Hearth. This book can teach me how to make better decisions in life and work. I am considering many things in my life, so I asked for advice from the book club members.

Title:It’s 49 times in yesterday.

I held a book club last night.
Once in a month, I have been organizing that since in august 2011.
It’s 49 times in yesterday.

At first, the applicants were just 3 person including me.
but as it turned out, there were 9 people attended.

This month’s book is ” Decisive”.
Authors are Chip & Dan Hearth brothers.
I will learn from this book how to make better decisions in life and work.

I have some considering things, so I was gave many advice from member.