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I Was Irritated by the Noise


In a crowded commuter train, I could (2)make out what my neighbor was listening to. He looked like he was enjoying listening to it, but the noise irritated me. I secretly imagined that I would (1)make off with his low-performance earphones. Of course, I didn’t. In the breadth of my experience, I comprehend that some people may be addicted to music. Of course he may (3-1)make up excuses why his music was buzzing within everybody’s earshot. I know there are many people who (4)break their backs to earn a living in Japan so, the faint hissing of music isn’t a big problem. If his favorite music relieves some of his stress, I will allow it.

Before the Revision

Title: Noise Irritated Me.
In a crowded commuting train, I could (2)make out neighbor’s favorite music. He looked so enjoyable to listen to it, but that noise irritated me. I secretly imagined that I would (1)make off with his low-performance earphone. Of course, I didn’t. I have the breadth of mind, I have the comprehension about the people who addicted to music. If he (3-1)makes up excuses when the music leaking, I can hear. I know there are many people (4)break their back every day in Japan. Thus, the music leaking isn’t a big problem. If his stress will relief from his favorite music, I will allow it.

(1) make off with: Steal and hurry away.
(e.g) “A young man made off with my briefcase while I was checking the timetable.”
(2)make out:
(2-1)Be able to hear or read something.
(e.g) “I need glasses! I can’t make out what’s written on the board.”
(2-2)Fill in the details (e.g. cheque).
(e.g) “Please make out the cheque to ABC Wizards.”
(3)make up:
(3-1)Invent (excuse, story).
(e.g) “Some employees make up excuses when they arrive late for work.”
(3-2)Prepare a bed for use.
(e.g) “You can stay here tonight. I’ll make up a bed for you in the spare room.”
(3-3)Form, constitute.
(e.g) “In your opinion what qualities make up his character?
(3-4)Put on powder, lipstick, etc.
(e.g) “Cynthia spends ages making herself up/putting on make-up
(4)break your back: If you work extremely hard, or put a lot of effort into achieving something, you break your back to do it.
(e.g) If you want the job done well, you should accept to pay more. He’s not going to break his back for such a low price!

In this article, I try to appropriate use 4 phrasal verbs(No.1~4) in this article which I write my daily life and thoughts because I’m learning English. This is one of writing training.