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4 points of goals(4つの目標)


I set 4 points of goals of my travel in April.

  1. Write down own experiences and thoughts immediately even if while I traveling.(I need more practice to write in Japanese and English.)

  2. Find healthy food similarly as Japan while I traveling if it possible.(If my knowledge of nutrients is correct, I can do it)

  3. Learning other culture and respect it.(Here in Japan, I don’t feel discriminated from others, but if somebody discriminates me, I try to keep calm and think the reason.)

  4. Solve the problem own power.(lonely travel is definitely good training)

This travel is an experiment for me. How much I progressed since November 2015? At that time I traveled alone in Iceland, but I realized lack of my skill and knowledge in English. Thus I continue to take online English lesson every day. Writing blog is also the same purpose.
Actually, I like staying alone and reading books at home. but I know it has a little bit dangerous aspects. Because if I stop to communicate others, I’ll become so arrogant and self-opinionated. This is one of the reasons I organized the book club.

Here is one of my new year resolutions.
My Purpose of learning in English in 2018
Learn the history more about absurdity and inequality.
HOW: Visit the museum of Auschwitz.
WHY: Human cannot resist the power of authority?