TravelPolandやってみようTrial&ErrorLearning Language

Answering 8 questions


Q1.What part are misunderstandings?

A1. click below the link. I explained the reason in another article.
Misunderstanding of Culture

Q2.Do I have any specific reason to visit Poland?

A2. click below these links. I explained the reason in other articles.
Why do I want to go to Poland?
Stopover Temptations

Q3.Are those my primary goals in this travel?

A3. Here is my answer.  My primary goals for the trip

Q4.Am I a musician?

A4.Unfortunately, I’m not.

Q5.Do I just visit as a tourist?

A5.Yes, I do.

Q6.Have I some theme?

A6.Yes, I have. This question is related Q3, so I’ll write the detail include that.

Q7.Do I enjoy to track footsteps of characters from the books?

A7.Yes, I do. I read this.

If This Is a Man / The Truce (Auschwitz Trilogy #1-2)
by Primo Levi, Stuart J. Woolf (Translator), Paul Bailey (Introduction)

Q8.Have we read any Polish author with your book club?

A8.Unfortunately, not yet.