Trial&ErrorLearning Languageふりかえり

I really felt frustrated


I found my bike’s rear tire deflated for no reason saturday morning…
Maybe It got punctured by a broken piece of glass or pin on the road.
I noticed it only when I inspected the tire in the morning. It was flat.
So I was surprised of the unexpected trouble.
I had some appointments that day.
I thought that if I I couldn’t use my bike, I should change my appointments.
So I really felt frustrated and a little panicky during that time.
My time was only 30 minutes until I had to go.
Instead, I calmed my self down and thought positively.
It was lucky that I had enough time. The bicycle shop near my house was able to repair it.
It was the perfect to my problem.
As a result, I didn’t have to change my appointments.

My bike’s rear tire was put out the air automatically on last saturday morning…
Maybe It took any broken piece of glass or pin on the road.
I noticed the situation when I pump the air in the morning before I will go out.
So I was surprised that unexpectedly accident.
I had some appointments at that day.
If I couldn’t use my bicycle, my schedule needed to change.
So I really felt frustration and I got into little panic at that time.
But I changed my mood more positive.
It was lucky that I had enough time that the bicycle shop of near my house could repair.
So I solved the problem in the correct way.
As a result, I didn’t have anything to change my schedule.