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Evaluate my meals of travel

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I visited 3 countries in 12th to 17th April: Finland, Poland, France. I enjoyed this very short trip. Now I try to review it from my meals of travel. My evaluation is not like Brillat Savarin who is the author “The Physiology of Taste”. Because I’m not gourmet. I’m interested in differences in foods and how difficulties to find and eat healthy foods in foreign countries. It’s easy to find fast food. I easily found MacDonald in these three countries. I didn’t try, but I checked the menu. It’s all similar, I guess. The price was affordable, but it includes too many fats and low fiber. If I buy it, it easily overs limit of fat which necessity of daily amount. However, I’m not so strict with myself while I traveling if I find traditional food or my favorite one in that country.

In flight-meal from NGO to HEL.

I chose the fish combo meal. Because I always try to get lower fat and healthy meals. My choosing one was like almost Japanese traditional food. Buckwheat noodles, include seasoning little fish in steamed rice, the grilled sliced fishes are maybe Saba in Japanese, mackerel in English.Black seaweed: we call it ‘Hijiki’ in Japanese. Small shrimps, whole green peas, deep fried and boiled tofu.
In flight-meal from NGO to HEL.Cafe Esplanad at Helsinki. (My Japanese friend recommended here)

It’s tasty, but the cinnamon snail is too much fat and sugar. The salmon soup has healthy animal protein. the way of cooking is no problem. (not deep fried or grilled)
cinnamon snail 3.9euro, Salmon soup 10.4euros(Brown brad included)I bought these foods in Stockmann in Helsinki. The previous day’s dinner was lack of fiber, so I selected these.
apple 0.52, hummus 1.95, Mix green leaves 1.5, small tomatoes 1.55, Sum 6.82euros

Freshly handmade cheesecake! Owner’s wife gave it to me when I arrived their house at Oświęcim.

Breakfast(An apple )

Lunch at the buffet (I forgot to take photos because I ate lunch with attendees of same study tour at Museum)

Dinner at Astra Apartments (I bought foods near the store)Cafe latte at Krakow central station. (I was waiting…)

Manekin at Warsaw.(Dario who living in Warsaw recommended this restaurant, because it’s popular now.)
It’s traditional soup in Poland. SOUR RYE BREAD WITH EGG AND SAUSAGE 11pln.

Hot chocolate!!!

Apple pie + vanilla ice cream

chocolate strawberry pierogi

Homemade candy


In flight-meal from WAW to CDG.

Rum raisin Icecream at Paris(My friend recommended famous shop)Beer & Ham cheese sandwich near the Nortordom Church in Paris

In flight-meal from CDG to HND.