Learning LanguageふりかえりTrial&Error

Is it bring good luck or bad luck?


My book reading club meeting was finished last night, it was 74th. The number is not important for me but this event will inscribe my memory. It’s one of the turning points of my history because I added the another way of applying to invite attendees our group.

Many people don’t want to change their routines because it needs to new try and troublesome.
I always invited attendees in the Facebook event, it will be full of seat capacity in the event.
However, the situation was different in this term. I couldn’t find many attendees in the Facebook event. Hence I tried to the new thing, using the website of “Meetup” which has served as an organizing platform.

Actually, I was worried about nobody joins. but we got a new member. After the event, we went to a Chinese restaurant the walls were decorated with inlays.

words to practice: insert, inscribe, inlay