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Bath powders need for my life.


If I notice my hand and foot fingers are always chilly, I realize it begins real winter season in Japan. Therefore I don’t like this season so much except spend Hot bath time. It’s one of my useful stress relievers. Especially I can stay a long time in bath tab(30-60min). Bring a magazine and mineral water, put a bath powder. The most important thing is a choice which is favorite fragrances.

Eucalyptus, lavender, bergamot, sandalwood, those herbs aroma are effective to a good sleep after the bath. My favorite Bath powder is produced by KAO. The company is popular in Japan the products name “Bubb” (Maybe it comes from “bubble” in English word). It’s a circle tablet as approximately 5cm. Put into a hot water, it putting out a carbonic acid gas bubble(It has an effect to perfectly warm). The tablet is melt go and spread pleasing aroma in the bathroom.

There are several kinds of products in this series. I like 4types which I showed previously. However, those types often lack on the shelf in the drugstores near my house. I can only find an ordinary version’s “Bubb”. I’m curious why my favorite products are not popular. Is the reason that is a little bit expensive than regular products?(I think it’s not a big difference…) I’d like to ask KAO company to make more this kind of products.