Learning LanguageやってみようTrial&Error

#1 Translate my book


I translated my first books “introduction” and “contents” from Japanese.


Two of us are attendees of KATSUMA-JYUKU—The Katsuma private school; It was established in 2011 by Kazuyo Katsuma, she is famous Japanese critic of an economy. The school member is about 1,000, we are learning about business and life skills. One of the author; Sayaka J.has two children and full-time office worker. The other, my name is Monza, middle-aged single, working woman. We are ordinary women who continue to hold the offline meeting several years.

Recently some people often asked to us, “What should I do if I held the offline meeting?” “What should I continue that?”. We personally talked and advised when somebody asked us some questions. but somebody requested us that the contents will be gathering and publishing. That is the reason we published this kindle book. This book will support who want to try to plan an offline meeting at beginner. The target readers are the attendees of KATSUMA-JYUKU who want to hold regularly the offline meetings. We are really glad if you read this book and actually held your offline meeting. Let’s try!

Table of Contents

Introduction; Aim of this book
Chapter One; Prepare at first
Chapter Two; Try to start
Chapter Three; How to manage an event
Chapter Four; FAQ50
Epilog;Dialogue of authors