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We Enjoyed Our Discussion About Dependability


One early Monday morning, I went to the Starbucks near Akihabara station. There were already 6 people in line at the front door because it doesn’t open until 7 am. (I often see this air of punctuality). I ended up having to wait under chilly winter conditions for 10 minutes until it opened.

One of my friends always holds a small meeting of 4 which includes the organizer. They meet weekly and talk about a different topic each time. I once joined a meeting where the theme was reliability. Some attendees contended with the difficulties of how to construe reliability. In my opinion, it depends on the nature of relationship one has with the person. For instance, if a good friend recommends that I meet one of their friends, I would. In contrast, if an acquaintance recommends something, I might be doubtful of their motive.

There are 3 ways to recognize reliability in a person. The first one is to talk directly to them. The second way is to look into their family and friends. Finally, one can read their comments on SNS.

I enjoyed our deep discussion about dependability. Life is naturally complicated nowadays. When I lose sight of things and my emotions cast doubts on what I should believe in, I naturally make mistakes. I thought I would go back to square one. However I was wrong. That was a good opportunity to learn what is reliability. Now, how do I measure my own dependability?

Before the Revise

title: We enjoyed our dialogue about dependability.
Monday early morning, I went to Starbucks cafe in near the Akihabara station. There were already 6 people line in front of the door, because it’ll open 7 a.m. (I can often see this punctuality it) I had to wait for opening 10 min under a chilly winter sky.

One of my friends always has held a small meeting. 4 attendees can available to join it including organizer. The topics are changing weekly. I joined the meeting which theme was considering about reliability. Some attendees (2)contended with difficulties about how to (3)construe reliability. In my opinion, reliability relies on a situation of communication whose related person. For instance, if my good friend recommended meeting one of her friends, I’ll meet her/him. For the (1)contrast, If my friend who is not intimate will advise me something, I might doubt the real aim. We can see recognized by 3 ways reliability of the person. Firstly, talk to directly. Secondly, check the friends or family of him/her. The lastly, read the comment that he/she wrote on SNS.

I enjoyed our deep dialogue about dependability. Life will be complicated naturally especially nowadays. When I lost way what should I believe, some emotion blinds my doubt, I made some mistake. I thought it was (4)back to square one for me. However, my construe was wrong. That was a good opportunity to learn what is a reliability. Now I consider how can I measure my own dependability?

homework: (1)contrast, (2)contend, (3)construe
Expression: (4)back to square one
To say that someone is back to square one means that they have not succeeded in what they were trying to do, so they have to start again.
“When the plans were refused, it was back to square one for the architect.”