Learning Languageふとした気づきTrial&Error

I don’t like to watch TV drama.

Learning Language

I don’t like to watch TV drama. If I start to watch by accidentally, I always bored and turn off the switch immediately. But I addicted 2 TV dramas several years ago. One of the title was “Dr. House”, the other one is “Lost”. The hero of “Dr. House” is strange, but genius Doctor of diagnosis. The actor, Hugh Laurie’s acting is impressive. The storyline is remarkable. At the same turn I also watching “Lost”. Firstly this drama was really interesting for me, but the season going later, it was boring.

Anyway, I found new one recently. It’s American TV drama serious”Breaking Bad”. The hero, Mr. White is science teacher in high school. He is 50th, normally, ordinary man. He had a wife, a teenaged son; his legs have some trouble because he limps and uses sticks. The peaceful, ordinary family. One day Mr. White diagnosed with lung cancer which can not operation. After that, his life is “Breaking Bad”. He starts to make high quality drug by his prosperous scientific knowledge.

The plot attain my interest. This drama’s situation is easy to synchronize some character for me. The humans nature or weakness expressing real way in this drama. I just watched 2nd times. First episode of season1 and season2’s first episode. (Because its free.) I want to watch second episode. But If I started to seriously watch this drama, It might be difficult to stop. Watching TV drama is alike drug If I cannot keep a time. I lack of ability to keep time management. I’m afraid of waste of time. On the other hand, I’m glad to discover new my favorite. (1548 words)