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Asked questions what is good life to socrates


I have read a book that was “Asked questions what is good life to socrates”.
Subtitle is “5 conversations for the live in your own”.

I like ‘socrates’. but this book written by Japanese, and the situation of story is strange. The setting of novel is contemporary Kyoto in Japan.
The main character is a Japanese business person.
His name is ‘satoru’.— It means ‘perceive’ or ‘conscious’ in English.

His age is 27. He have many troublesome thoughts.
Suddenly Socrates who is ancient greeks philosopher sending facebook message to satoru.

After that they meet in the park… to be continued…

I thought this setting is cheap at first.
Therefore, I didn’t have much interest until I read half way.

However I had learned what is the meaning that “know thyself” when I finished to read.